How letting go gets you more

One of the most important lessons I have learned about having clarity in your life is to treasure your mental space. Your brain is like a cup that has a set limit to how much it can focus on in a given day, and when its full things spill over and get forgotten. To have the ability to focus on understanding your goals, it’s essential to let go of anything that does not need to concern you.

This was especially hard for me to do a few years ago. I was stuck in a job where I was given a new manager partway through, and that person refused to learn how things worked in the new office. She didn’t use our systems correctly and barely did her work. I would spend hours helping her, and she refused to actually commit the lessons to memory because she knew that I would do her job. I brought this issue up to the other managers, and they seemed not to care about this. Each day at the end of the day, I would come home and vent to those around me about how I couldn’t believe I was stuck working for someone like this.

One day someone asked me if there was anything else that I could do about it, of course, the answer was no. At that moment, they suggested that I try not troubling myself about it. I rolled my eyes. How could I not care about this when it was affecting my job? How could I not care when it was affecting the company? It was then that it was pointed out to me that the people who could change something were doing nothing about it, and because I was picking up the slack there was no reason for them to; in order to fix something I would have to make it their problem.

So I stopped trying to interfere and did only the amount of my bosses work that would not interfere with me getting my work done. Anytime I saw myself getting upset about what was happening, I told myself, “it’s not for you to worry about.”

After that, things did change at work, but more importantly, I noticed that I had more energy and somehow more time. I was still working the same amount of hours, but because my mental space had been cleared of all of that excess baggage, I was able to start wondering if this position was right for me. I took the time to examine the parts of my job that I liked and the parts that I didn’t.

The best part of this practice was that once I stopped letting things bother me in one aspect of my life, I was able to let go in other elements and of course that allowed even more time and energy to devote to creating a clear path.


© Mary Ann Linares

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